Simulations of "what-if" Scenarios for Ambient Air Quality
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The effects on ambient air quality of different actions taken can be simulated.

The emission database information described in another chapter can be used in combination with meteorological information such as wind speed and direction and atmospheric stability for dispersion modeling. This allows the calculation of simple as well as very complex "what-will-happen-if" scenarios.

The results can be used in decision-making at different levels. Practical examples are studies for the establishment of industries and traffic planning. The geographical scale can cover from a street canyon to areas like 100 * 100 km.

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The picture to the left displays a very simple case where the effect of just two chimneys on ambient air quality is simulated. Information about the SO2 emission is used together with meteorological parameters (wind from the south west in this case) as input to the simulation. The isolines and the figures are the simulated results of ambient air pollution levels.
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The picture to the left displays the effects of a certain traffic scenario on ambient air quality along a street. The location of the street is found at the  on the map. The isolines illustrate the variation of the pollution of NOX along the street canyon. The wind from the south west and the north-south orientation of the street create the turbulence effects that cause the differences between the two sides of the street.

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