Emission estimations and simulations
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Information about emission sources is stored in comprehensive data bases. Emissions information from different kinds of sources such as industry (point sources) and traffic (line sources) can be handled.

At the moment the emission data bases include about 20 provinces throughout Thailand and cover the major part of the total emissions to air. The most important provinces and environmental protected areas have been prioritized in the first steps of the survey.

Estimations of future emissions can be simulated and presented as a part of studies for different actions plans to reduce air pollution.

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The picture to the left displays the estimated emissions of NOX in Bangkok from traffic in the year 2000. The scenario is based on the simulated traffic situation assuming "business as usual".

The simulations were carried out by the PCD as a part of a larger study. The emissions are calculated in grams/second as they are intended to be input to dispersion simulations. The color scale is the same in the two simulations with red for the highest values.

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The scenario to the left is also showing the estimated NOX emissions in the year 2000, but is now based on the simulated traffic situation provided that "reasonable technology" is used for the vehicle fleet and that some traffic regulations policies have been implemented.

The emissions in the "business as usual" scenario are about 65% higher than in the scenario with "reasonable technology and implemented policies".

The color scale is the same in the two simulations with red for the highest values.

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