These recommendations are mainly intended as a help to make future projects of this kind more effective, successful, and sustainable. The recommendations are written for financiers, project developers, evaluators, and of course also for anybody who likes to learn from experience.

  • A project of this kind would need a ToR that is more directed towards practical hands-on implementation of something that is directly tangible; not repeating the endless row of seminars, workshops, training, studies, plans, etc that is the trademark of traditional projects in this field.

    The success of this project is almost completely achieved beyond the scope of the ToR.

    This has been the general, positive, comment about this project - beyond the ToR; "We could see what you have been talking about..."

  • It is important that the participants (beneficiaries) in a project like this are carefully chosen; particularly when it comes to political commitment and dedication.
    (Even this project spent a significant amount of time trying to overcome internal political problems in some of the barangays - with limited success.)

  • A realistic budget and/or qualified staff contribution from the participant's side is most important. Such contribution must be clearly committed to and it must be possible to exclude a participant relatively soon if it turns out that the participant is not performing up to standard.
    (This project could not formally exclude the low-performing barangays but continued to include them for various activities with very low yield.)

  • A central database covering all Solid Waste Management Projects in the Philippines should be established. The database could initially be based on a standardized template where all crucial information is provided (like place, customer, consultant, applications, size, time, budget, accomplishments short and long term, where to find the final report). The database should use an internal search engine.

  • The establishing of a central project database is also a strong recommendation to Sida (that financed this project) since it is very hard to find out what projects have been supported in a specific field. The consultant should be required to provide this already as a part of the ToR.
    (Conexor is providing information about this and other projects on the company's web site

  • Perhaps a partial statement from the project manager, but there should be a second phase of the project where different hands-on practical Best Practice applications in the field of Solid Waste Management would be developed and made working utilizing the experience from this project.

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