The Initial Term of Reference

According to the Terms of Reference, the Project "seeks to promote sustainable renewal by deepening the participation of civil society in community development and increasing involvement of the private sector in urban reconstruction and social transformation".

As a result of the Inception Phase, the Project should deliver an Analyses consisting of a description of

  • the local government structure concerned;

  • key stakeholders and their respective roles and responsibilities;

  • relevant laws, regulations and policies; and

  • other ongoing projects within Solid Waste Management undertaken at barangay level in Metro Manila, and the experience of such interventions.

There should also be an analyses of the specific situation in the five pilot barangays with respect to

  • socio-economic profile;

  • existing Solid Waste Management procedures at city and barangay level;

  • available technology at barangay level; and

  • volume of solid waste at barangay level.

The Implementation Phase of the Project should

  • arrange an observation/study tour to Sweden to study experience and best practices;

  • develop and produce relevant information, education and communication (IEC) materials;

  • plan and participate in IEC activities on environmental and Solid Waste Management issues to Non-Government Organizations, People's Organizations and other stakeholders in 25 pilot barangays;

  • plan and participate in IEC activities on environmental issues to all purok leaders in 25 pilot barangays, including dissemination activities on household level;

  • plan and participate in echo training on Solid Waste Management/Environmental Management;

  • formulate and implement a monitoring and evaluation system on Solid Waste Management; and

  • formulate, test and implement a reward system for Solid Waste Management on barangay level.

As can be seen from above the Project was intended to cover traditional areas like seminars, workshops, training, studies, plans, etc. The Project Management realized - after some time - that in order to achieve something that would really provide a tangible learning experience and serve as a Best Practice Example for others, there was a need for a more hands-on approach.

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