Finalizing TA2

The second phase of the Technical Assistance from Sida, TA2, was formally finalized in August 2002.

Due to the much-delayed installation of the ambient air quality monitoring network, it has unfortunately been practically impossible to accomplish the first objective as planned. However, Conexor has made most of the training possible by utilizing data from other projects (installation) that Conexor is/has been involved in, mainly from Sweden, Thailand, and Estonia. Practically, the EMB staff has often experienced the training as a “dry run”, but under the conditions this was the best option.

Today, the Emission Database consists of more than 1,700 point sources input by the EMB AQMS staff. On top of that, the database includes more than 550 road links with traffic estimates. The Emission Database in the Airviro System is surely by far the most structured and updated Emission Database to be found in the Philippines although the quality of the data is partly uncertain. The work to keep this database “alive” and develop it is practically endless since the sources (emissions) change with time. The EMB staff is capable of doing this.

The EMB staff has been theoretically and practically trained to carry out “what-if-scenarios” but the real applications over Metro Manila Airshed have not been possible to carry out.

Most promising - and partly even impressive - results were achieved by the students (EMB staff) that participated with interest and a high level of attendance.

Conexor now recommends Sida to establish a "wait and see" position before any more actions and/or commitments are made. The TA1 and TA2 should be evaluated by an independent third party and the ADB financed parts should have created some clearly noticeable results.

The Final Report from TA2 is available here. (pdf format 162 kb).

Regretfully the DENR/EMB has still (April 2007, i.e. FIVE (5) YEARS after the completion of the project!!!) not yet paid their full contribution for Local Cost to the project clearly indicated in the Contract between the DENR/EMB and Conexor. The sum is around PHP 3,000,000.- (after a significant reduction of the various incurred costs was kindly made by Conexor) and only PHP 1,000,000.- has been paid so far.
This most embarrassing fact will have to be addressed by the DENR/EMB!

This is a very sad story about generous attitudes from Conexor's side and unfulfilled promises, lies, corruption, etc from the DENR/EMB's side. In some parts this sad story is actually rather amusing with the ridiculous arguments used by the DENR/EMB trying to get away from the formal commitments in the Contract.

Unfortunately Conexor has not received any support from Sida to push the DENR/EMB to fulfill their commitments. The argument from Sida is along the line:
"It is an agreement between Conexor and the client and Sida has nothing to do with that".

This is naturally formally and legally correct. However, but leaving Conexor alone to exercise its right against DENR/EMB (i.e. practically the Government of the Philippines - does anybody believe it is possible to win a case like this in the Philippine legal system...?) Sida is practically saying to a cooperation partner in a country which has received huge amounts of support - practically from hard-working Swedish taxpayers:

"You act any way you like. We don't care if you fulfill your commitments or not."

One simple way of showing that Sida cares about the formal and practical performance from the side of a cooperation party would just be for Sida to write a sharply worded letter to the Secretary of the DENR emphasizing that Contracts are there to be followed. No further projects would be considered for financing until this issue is resolved!!!

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