Background to the actions

Asian Development Bank (ADB) started the
Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program
in 1998 together with a number of Philippine Government Organizations.  The program includes loans, technical assistance, and parallel activities funded by ADB member countries like Sweden.

One of the key stake holders in the project is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, DENR.

Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida) is involved with a supporting project, a so-called Technical Assistance (TA)
"to strengthen and modernize the Air Quality Management functions at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) / Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)"
with the first phase starting in September 1997 and a second phase starting two years later.

The Sida support also includes a Soft Loan.

The Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program is a big project with nine main areas. The Sida support is focusing on Chapter 6 of the Air Quality Action Plan, namely to "strengthen ambient air quality monitoring, evaluation, and reporting". The Swedish support is formally a parallel activity from a financial as well as technical point of view, but practically the Swedish project is more or less integrated in the ADB project.

Extract from the ADB Newsletter (100-98):
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) has agreed to provide a mixed credit (Soft Loan) for SEK 35 million (about US$ 4.5 million equivalent) and a TA grant of SEK 4.75 million (about US$600,000 equivalent) to support training for ambient air quality monitoring and air dispersion modeling.

The Swedish participation can be summarized as follows:

Technical Assistance (TA) i.e. grants Soft Loan

Technical Assistance (TA) 1 + 2:
Grant US$ 800,000.-.


Capacity building and other activities in the following 10 main areas:

  1. Continued support in the use of the already installed computerized Air Quality Management System (the Airviro System);

  2. A continued support in the organizational and administrative development in the area of Air Quality Management;

  3. Support in the preparation and evaluation of the credit preparation, technical specifications, bidding documents, etc. for the procurements under the ADB loan and Sida Soft Loan  to ensure a correct interface to the Airviro System;

  4. Support in the continued building up of the emission database (EDB) over Metro Manila Air Shed;

  5. Support in the continued analyses and reporting of ambient air quality data;

  6. Support in the work to produce basic "what-if scenarios" for the simulation of ambient air quality effects of certain actions taken;

  7. Accomplish extensive training of the DENR/EMB staff as a part of the planned enhancement of the general Air Quality Management activities;

  8. Carry out two seminars in the Philippines for the DENR/EMB and other organizations involved in Air Quality Management activities;

  9. Support the DENR/EMB in the following activities, which are parts of the ADB loan and Sida Concessionary Credit financed activities; and

  10. Provide the necessary Project management for the implementation of the Project. Reports. Meetings.

Soft Loan SEK 35,000,000:- (US$ 4,000,000.- but varies with the exchange rate SEK/US$)

Proposed content:

The following main components are proposed to be included in the Sida Soft Loan.

  1. Ambient air quality monitoring equipment;

  2. Advanced meteorological equipment;

  3. Passive sampler campaigns; and

  4. LAN and AQM Information System support.

The Swedish contribution and parts of the Air Quality Action Plan practically includes a total gift from Sweden of around US$ 3,600,000.-.

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Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency ( Sida) Financing of the Swedish participation.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)

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