Air Quality Management in Tallinn, Estonia
A Project Presentation

Estonian-Swedish Co-operation on
Air Quality Management in Tallinn

A short description of the background to the Project and what has been achieved

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Diffusive Sampler Measurement Campaign 1996 -- 1998

Second phase

The accomplishment of the second phase

Diffusive Sampler Measurement Campaign 2000 -- 2002

Examples of reports from the project

Internet Based Air Quality Information System

and the very interesting and encouraging spin-off project

Enhancement into a nationwide Air Quality Management System
under the EU Phare Programme


The project is originally based on the twin-city relation in the area of environmental protection between

the City of Göteborg, Sweden,
and the City of Tallinn, Estonia
started a in the late 80's.

The co-operation was mainly focused on the exchange of experience concerning issues like ambient air monitoring techniques and traffic planning. An exchange of experience on the political decision-making level was started. After some years it was realized that there was a need to give a more concrete form to the co-operation.

The first phase of the Air Quality Management Project in Tallinn was formally started in 1994 and was financed in co-operation between the Tallinn Environmental Board and Sida (former BITS).

The main idea was not to focus only on the technical matters, but also how to integrate environmental protection aspects in general and Air Quality Management aspects in particular in the daily work for different organizations and decision-makers in Tallinn.

People from different organizations were involved from the Swedish as well as the Estonian side. For various reasons, the formal contractual party on the Swedish side was chosen to be .

The first phase of the project was finalized in April 1999.

The Final Report from Phase 1 is found here (pdf format 56 kb).

An important part of the first phase was the comprehensive measurement campaigns carried out using Diffusive Samplers. The on-line report can be viewed by clicking here or as a pdf file (921 kb).

The Second Phase

After lengthy discussion between the City of Tallinn and Sida, Sida decided in June 1998 to partly finance a second phase of the project. The second phase should be the confirmation of the first phase in terms of applications and practical use.

The following listing includes a short description of the various items completed.

  1. The establishment of an Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network, which provides data from existing and possible enhancements of the monitoring network to the Central Computerized Air Quality Information System (the Airviro System). Data from four ambient air quality monitoring stations are being transferred to the Airviro System on a regular (hourly) basis.

  2. The enhancement of the functions of the Central Computerized Air Quality Information System (the Airviro System) to also be able to handle Heavy Gas Modelling.

  3. The production of regular Ambient Air Quality Monitoring reports. Monthly reports are being produced and distributed to various end-users. Please also refer to the Internet part below.

  4. The production of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) on demand or on the Environmental Department's own initiative regarding infrastructural projects and activities in Tallinn. The Environmental Department has produced a large amount of small and large studies for various users. The Department has practically been working as a consultancy company within the City Government and also for external clients.
    Please also refer to the
    Examples of Reports below.

  5. The development of the co-operation with the City Planning Department in terms of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies. The Environmental Department has produced a large amount of large and small studies for the City Government. Encouragingly enough the Environmental Department has been asked to get involved at an early stage in various infrastructure development projects.

  6. The establishment of an Internet Based Air Quality Information System, which will provide information from the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network and also about the content and results of Air Quality Management Project. The Environmental Department has developed an on-line web side for Air Quality Management. The site includes real time data from the ambient air quality monitoring and meteorological stations as well as reports of different kinds.
    main site can be found at
    Monthly reports:
    Unfortunately the site is until now only available in Estonian due to the comprehensive amount of work to keep parallel sites in different languages operational.

  7. The establishment of a basic co-operation between the political decision-making levels in Tallinn and Göteborg in terms of regular meetings and exchange of experience. The experience and knowledge exchange with the City of Göteborg has mainly been accomplished via study visits to Göteborg focusing in technical matters. Due to decreasing political interest and a tight budget situation in the City of Göteborg, the exchange on the political level has been low.

Examples of Reports

The use of the project, the experience and knowledge exchange, and installed software and hardware is manifested in various ways. Numerous reports have been produced in various fields of Air Quality Management for clients like the City Government (City Planning Department), external customers (industries and other private entities needing services and support), consultancy companies who are lacking the specific knowledge in these fields, etc.

Two reports are being presented here. They are representative for the type of work accomplished as a part of the project.:

  1. Simulation of the traffic situation in Tallinn. A report in English.
  2. Tallinna Lennujaamast väljuvate-maanduvate lennukite õhusaaste hajumisarvutused Ülemiste järve suunal. A report in Estonian. (Although it might be difficult for most visitors to this site to understand the detailed content, it is still possible to get a good picture of the type of work being done.)

The Use of Diffusive Samplers during the Second Phase

The use of Diffusive Samplers was continued also during the second phase. The results show that the general levels of ambient air pollution in Tallinn are below the guidelines, but some exceptions are found.

The full report from the use of Passive Samplers during the second phase is found here (pdf format 720 kb)

The Accomplishment of the Second Phase

The second phase was accomplished in December 2002. The results are in line with the ambitions.

The Final Report from the Second Phase is found here (pdf format 59 kb)

Enhancement into a nationwide Air Quality Management System under the EU Phare Programme

A long discussion has been ongoing if Tallinn and Estonia would be able benefit from a EU (Phare Programme) financed project within the area of Air Quality Management that would cover the whole of Estonia. The long discussed project is practically mostly based on the successful work and accomplishments under this Sida financed project.

Finally, in May 2004, the EU Commission Phare Programme decided to issue a tender for the
“Supply and Technical Assistance contract for procurement of Air Quality Management System”

(Identification number: EuropeAid/114968/D/S/EE).

A group of companies under the formal authority by SMHI was awarded the contract for this project in December 2004. Please read more here.

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For further information, please refer to the persons below:

Mr Tarmo Pauklin
Tallinn City Government
Sustainable Development and Planning Department
Environmental Division
Harju Street 13
EE - 10130 Tallinn

+372 640 4270
Fax: +372 640 4583
SE - 105 25 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 698 5000
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Organizations / Partners / Links

Organization / Partner  Activity / Person
City of Göteborg. Environment Administration Twin City co-operation in the area of Environmental Protection.
Ms Christina Ramberg.
SMHI Provider of the Airviro System.
Mr Kjell Wickström.
IVL Supply and analyses of the measurements using the Diffusive Sampling Technique (Passive Samplers).
Ms Karin Sjöberg.
Mr Åke Iverfeldt.
Manrax AB System support and development.
Mr Robert Axelsson.
FDS Mätteknik AB Provider of the meteorological masts.
Mr Anders Ekman.

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