Presentations made during the Project

Several presentations have been made during the project. In order to provide an easy way for the participants, and also for other interested persons, to view the presentations again this page includes a listing of and links to the various presentations.

Please note that the file size of many of the presentations is very large (several MB) so it is recommended that you are careful if you intend to open a presentation directly from this website. It is often more practical to download it from the server and saving it to your hard disk by pointing at the name and right clicking on your mouse and "Save Target/Link/Page As...":

The presentations are found at

The following presentations are available:

(10.2 MB)


(2.3 MB)

(Note: pdf file. 2.6 MB)

(8.6 MB)

(30.9 MB)

7.3 MB)

(28.9 MB)

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