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The pictures on this page are shot during the project; some technical, some informative, and some quite enjoyable...

If you have a (digital) picture that you think would be of general interest, please do not hesitate to contact Björn Wahlstedt, Conexor, so the picture can be included below.

The pictures are divided into various sections. Each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.


A Seminar for the Air Quality Management Staff in Narva on 10 March 2005

Study Visit to Stockholm on 22 - 23 March 2005

Surveys for Sites for Meteorological Mast Installations
Meteorological Mast Installations in June 2005

Luncheon Seminar for Main Stake Holders on 14 June 2005
Press information from the luncheon

First Passive Sampler Campaign

Installation of Servers and Computers and other Hardware


Laboratory Equipment

Serious(?) Project Meetings

Project Delivery 10 February 2006

Final Project Presentation Seminar on 17 May 2006
Press Information from the Final Project Presentation Seminar

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I hope you will enjoy the pictures just as much as I do remembering all the enjoyable - but also sometimes challenging - moments in our project. The comments are mine - and if you want to object to - or to comment on something, please contact me... J


First project Management meeting on 04 February 2005 between (from left) the EERC Project Manager Margus Kört; Björn Wahlstedt, Conexor; and the SMHI Project Manager Kjell Wickström.

Technical and organizational meeting at the EIC on 08 February 2005.

Second project Management meeting on 09 May 2005 between (from left) the SMHI Project Manager Kjell Wickström; Björn Wahlstedt, Conexor; and the EERC Project Manager Margus Kört.
Please note those smiles - and the smiles were there also
during the following meetings


A Seminar for the Air Quality Management Staff from Counties all around Estonia was Accomplished in Narva on 10 March 2005

Margus Kört explained some EU directives.

This will partly mean more work for the counties but hopefully the new Phare financed Air Quality Management project and system will provide some support in this work.

Björn Wahlstedt explained the various parts of the Air Quality Management project and system.

A study visit to a power plant was also arranged for the seminar participants.

The chimneys look impressive and hopefully the cleaning is effective...


Study Visit to Stockholm on 22 - 23 March 2005

The Study Visit to Stockholm intended to give the project participants a good understanding of how the regional Air Quality Management cooperation in the Stockholm regions is working. That would also give food for thoughts how to develop the technical as well as the organizational functions in Estonia.
16 participants from various organizations involved in the project participated.

Outside the SLB office (Stockholm Environment and Health Protection Administration).

The group is getting the last breath of fresh air before the intensive sessions start.

A lot to learn and think about...

High interest all day long...

The AQM "Guru" himself, Tage Jonson, described the background, development, strategies, practical work, etc in the Stockholm regional system.

Erik Teinemaa was over-whelmed by all he saw in the central computer room while the Project Manager Margus Kört was all smiles.

The project dinner in the evening was taking place overlooking Stockholm.

Discussions and thoughts about what was learnt during the day.

The project will provide a special training course in interpreting sign on a special kind of doors...
Anyone one who feels "a need" is welcome to participate J

The Stockholm Harbour before departure back to Tallinn.
(All pictures from the ferry tour are a courtesy of
Toivo Truuts, EERC, who bravely joined the team that went back to Tallinn by ferry.)

Intensive discussions in one of the ferry cabins even before dinner.

Sunset in the Stockholm archipelago.

Happy smiles and continued discussions.

"Is that really true what you said?"

The Tallinn Harbour upon arrival.

Surveys for Sites for Meteorological Mast Installations

The siting of the Meteorological Masts that will provide input to the various modelling and measurement parts of the project needs careful attention. Surveys were accomplished during March 2005 and discussions continued how to solve the related issues technically, financially, and organizationally.

Erik Teinemaa plodded through the snow to check some details at a potential GSM mast site. This is a potential EMT GSM site close to Kohtla-Järve.

Madis Kõrvits estimated the dimensions of a potential GSM mast.

The EMHI site outside Kohtla-Järve was also surveyed.

Open and undisturbed surroundings in a representative area are crucial requirement. This is a potential EMT GSM site close to Pärnu.

This fellow volunteered to act as a security guard at one of the potential sites..

Easy access to the site is preferred. This is a potential  EMT GSM site close to Tartu.

Meteorological Mast Installations

Equipment on three Meteorological Masts were installed on 14 -- 18 June 2005 by Anders Ekman, FDS, and Robert Hillgren, SMHI. The sites are the EMT GSM masts at

  • Southeast of Pärnu;
  • Southwest of Tartu; and
  • West of Kohtla-Järve.

EMT has kindly allowed the EERC to use the EMT's GSM masts for the installation of the equipment.

Please refer to the red circles on the map.

The following pictures are from the installation at the EMT GSM mast west of Kohtla-Järve on Friday 17 June 2005.

Thorough preparations are most crucial for a smooth and correct installation.
Kjell (left) is "efficiently" supporting Robert and Anders by holding on to one of the cables... J

Did we really remember everything?

The cables must not get entangled on the way up!

To carry everything up the mast when you only have two hands takes a lot of planning and experience.

"Do I have everything?"

A loooong climb ahead for Anders...

Final check of the safety equipment. Please note how the safety hook runs in the vertical metal bar.

On the way up - step by step...

The boom  for the ultrasonic wind measurement equipment is fixed on 24 meters.

Time to mount the ultrasonic wind measurement equipment.

It looks so easy when a professional is doing the job, but would you like to replace Anders?

The height of the mast is 70 meters and you will easily see it with all the meteorological equipment on the south side of the road between Tallinn and Narva next time you pass there.

First Passive Samplers Campaign

The first Passive Samplers Campaign was accomplished during April 2005.

Preparations of the holders Passive Samplers.
(The pictures from the Passive Samplers Campaign are a courtesy of
Madis Kõrvits.)

A site in the busiest intersection in Narva. Can you find the holder?

A paper cut from Põhjarannik (Kohtla-Järve) 30 April 2005.

Luncheon Seminar with the Project's Main Stake Holders on 14 June 2005

The Swedish Ambassador to Estonia, H.E. Dag Hartelius, hosted a luncheon seminar on 14 June 2005 for the main stake holders in the project. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment, EERC, EIC, EMHI, and Tallinn City were present together with representatives from the suppliers.
Björn Wahlstedt, Conexor, presented the various parts of the project for the participants.

Front row from left:
Deputy Minister Olavi Tammemäe, H.E Ambassador Dag Hartelius, and SMHI's Project Manager Kjell Wickström.

Informal and lively discussions were held during the luncheon.

Press information from the luncheon

The project is creating interest from the media.

Cutting from Postimees on 14 June 2005.

Press release from SMHI on 16 June 2005.


Installation of Servers, Computers and other Hardware

The project includes a lot of computers of various types and other office equipment.

Erik is busy making sure all applications and connections are properly installed in the main server.

These kinds of new, fancy copying machines can easily knit a sweater and make coffee, but the question is if they can make a normal copy...?


A lot of training is included in the project.

Hans Backström, SMHI, provided Airviro training with focus on the use of the Gaussian and Grid models on 14 -- 17 June 2005 for some key users in Tallinn.

Deep thinking how to solve the training tasks...

Laboratory Equipment

EERC seems to be very happy with and proud of the Laboratory equipment. The competent staff was soon familiar with the various machines.
However, as you can see the Project Manager Margus Kört was only allowed to look - but not touch...  J








Serious(?) Project Meetings

The hardworking project team was certainly worth a more casual and relaxed way of discussing various issues in the project.
So there was a meeting on 21 October 2005. The pictures do probably not need any comprehensive comments... J

Gathering at the Sauna Place.

Continued discussions - in a more relaxed way.

A bit cold...

... so we needed to rush into the sauna again.


Margus explained the progress.

Hard working people need plenty of good food - and drinks...

The water-butt brought the participants even closer together.

The project is surely most decent... J

Continued relaxed discussions.

The youngsters need to learn...

 Project Delivery 10 February 2006

The formal delivery of the project was done on 10 February 2006; exactly one year after the start - and according to the contract.

The formal Project Managers, Kjell Wickström from SMHI (sitting left) and Margus Kört from EERC signed the Acceptance Document supervised by Erik Teinemaa (standing left), EERC and Allan Gromov, Deputy Secretary General on International Cooperation, Estonian Ministry of the Environment.

And the seminar participants looked quite happy...

The seminar was also a get-together with mingle and lunch.

Final Project Presentation Seminar on 17 May 2006

A final project presentation to high level representatives from various stake holders in the project together with the media was held on 17 May 2006.

The Swedish Ambassador to Estonia, H.E. Dag Hartelius, presented a Swedish perspective on the project - in fluent Estonian.

SMHI Deputy Director General Anna Amrén presented SMHI's views on the project.

Margus Kört presented the various organisational parts and future impacts of the project.

Allan Gromov, Deputy Secretary General on International Cooperation, Estonian Ministry of the Environment, and Olavi Tammemäe, Deputy Minister of the Environment, listened carefully.

The EU representative Matti Vainio presented the European Commission's views on the project.

Among the participants H.E. Villu Reiljan, Minister of the Environment, was noted.

Margus Kört and Olavi Tammemäe answered questions from the media.

The interest from the media was large.

Press Information from the Final Project Presentation Seminar

The project is creating comprehensive interest from the media so there were some articles after the Final Project Presentation Seminar.

Cutting from Äripäev on 18 May 2006.

Cutting from Postimees on 18 May 2006.


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