's homepage is intended to be the focal point for the differentEnvironmental Quality Management Projects that Conexor takes part in. The homepage includes information about the various projects, but partly also direct follow-up information related to the project activities.

s hemsida är avsedd att fungera som nav för information om de projekt som Conexor deltar i. Hemsidan innehåller allmän information om de olika projekten, men den ska också delvis kunna utnyttjas för projektuppföljning. I stort sett all information är på engelska.

Unfortunately, the homepage is closed. It has been hacked and will be re-installed in due course of time.

For information please contact:

Conexor AB,
Gyllenkroks allé 19,
SE - 222 24 Lund,

E-mail: bjornw@conexor.com

Mobile phone: +46 705 371144 (please send SMS due to travelling)
Fax: +46 8 5010 9333

Information valid on 20 June 2018